Remote Sensing is an auxiliary technology to to aid in the spatial planning of the Earth’s surface.


It’s also a very useful tool to collect and process data through Geographic Information System (GIS).


Geoprocessing is the set of sciences, technologies and techniques used in data and information acquisition, management, manipulation, crossing, exhibition, documentation and distribution, throu-gh geographic data, human resources, equipment’s, computer programs and work methodologies.


Studies conducted on the basis secondary data gathering and geoprocessing operate in large areas at a low costs and short-term schedule, allowing to locate the best areas in terms of equipotential of the physical, biotic and anthropic environments, guaranteeing of details interventions, smal-ler areas with best economic return, safety and environment protection.


Among the executed activities, the following stand out: selection of areas to leasing landfills, cemeteries, allotments, industrial districts and others civil construction, as well as, defining the linear construction outline: lines of transmis-sion, railroads, highways, pipelines, and others.


With the use of geo technologies Terra Meio Ambiente offers services such as: thematic map elaboration; digital treatment of orbit images; geoprocessing; remote sensing; GPS data acquisition and processing; environment analysis through Geographic Information System (GIS); Elaboration and edition of plants and projects in CAD format (Computer Aided Design); descriptive memorial elaboration in GIS and CAD form; etc.


Terra Meio Ambiente’s, through the use of the VANT technology, offers versatility and innovation obtaining and analyzing environmental data. Among the main products offering the use of this technology are: orthomosaic, Digi-tal Terrain Model (DTM); Digital Surface Model (DSM); level curves; georeferenced images; among others.